Popular Questions, Answered.

Do we offer same day delivery?

Yes, we ask that deliveries for same day delivery be to us via the webstore and in store by 1pm, Monday - Friday and by 10am on Saturday.  We do not deliver on Sundays. We would recommend if you required a delivery by a particular time you are best to call us on (07) 3252 7877.

Do you send flowers to Brisbane’s Hospitals?

We deliver daily Brisbane’s hospitals.  Before delivering we will always confirm the recipient’s ward and location.  Some wards and departments may not be able to receive flowers, in this instance we will call you to work out an alternative.  

It is our policy to deliver to the Nurse’s station only.  We confirm the patient is present and leave the flowers knowing that the nursing staff will attend to your gift when they can.

We would also recommend sending your friend or loved one a self-contained  flower arrangement instead of a bouquet as vases are scarce on most hospital wards.

When can I expect my delivery to arrive?

At Perrotts Florist we normally deliver between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 2pm on Saturday.  There is no delivery service on Sunday and Public Holidays except for Mother’s day  and Valentine’s Day, where we offer a unique courier service for these special days.

We are happy to take note of  preferred times of delivery, like “am or “pm”, we will do our best to honour these requests, but we cannot guarantee.

What does Perrotts Florist charge for delivery?

We offer free delivery to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.  Within the CBD we charge $10.00.  Most of Brisbane is covered with our maximum fee being $30.00. Please note that delivery to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas are priced from $35.00. 

I want my flowers to be a surprise, why do you need the recipient’s phone number?

At Perrotts Florist we understand, you want your flowers to be a surprise.  We will only call where necessary.  We have found over the years it is best to have the option available to us to ensure a smooth delivery process, particularly if we are delivering to an apartment building.   We have also found that most people do not use their front doors like they may have used too, so if we need to leave the flowers a courtesy text is sent informing the recipient of their floral gift.

If you would like us to call ahead before delivery is attempted, please include in the delivery instructions section of the order process.

What happens if no one is home when the flowers are delivered?

If there is nobody home our experienced couriers will leave the flowers or gift in a secure and flower suitable place and let the recipient know via a courtesy text.  If we deem it unsafe or cannot access a secured building we may have to attempt a second delivery and call you for a “plan B”, additional delivery charges may apply. 

What if the delivery address is incorrect?

Our aim is always to deliver your flowers. We will do what we can to correct a wrong address.  We would recommend that a full address is provided including whether the address is a business, or its floor location if going to a CBD high rise. 

On some occasions we may not be able to complete the delivery due to not being able to contact you or the recipient.  We will attempt a second delivery; additional charges may apply.

If the flowers are delivered to the provided address that turns out to be incorrect, additional charges will apply to remake and resend to the new  address.

Will Perrotts Florist notify me when the flowers are delivered, or can I receive an image of the flowers?

At this time,  we do not offer this service.  We are looking into different technologies that will provide us this functionality in the future. 

Can I make changes to the order or card message?

Once your delivery is with the courier, we are unable to make changes to your order.  We will make every effort to accommodate up to this point.

I have other questions?

Please feel free to call us on (07) 3252 7877 or email via sales@perrotts.com.au